The Top Five Super Bowl Games

It is not every year that there are a series of high-profile games featuring the most decorated Super Bowl participants. The NFL has a rich tradition of producing some of the best teams in the National Football League. In recent years, however, some of these Super Bowl participants have been missing from the NFL, due to retirements or otherwise. Many great teams missed out on the big game, but what is the formula that brought these teams into the Hall of Fame? Here are my top five Super Bowl teams of all time.

Super Bowl XLIII featured the infamous Dallas Cowboys and their running back, Marion Barber. The Cowboys had just taken down the hated Raiders in the first round of the playoffs and were well-rested and ready to take on the hated Steelers in the Conference Championships. The Steelers were not so sure about their Super Bowl invite, but they knew something was up with the Cowboys. They charged forward, dominating the game in the second half and taking home the victory in what would become one of the most memorable Super Bowl wins in NFL history.

Super Bowl XLIV was played in cold weather in New Orleans. Many NFL fans feared the Super Bowl would be played outdoors, in an arid and windy city like New Orleans. However, the weatherman and the fans did not see eye to eye, and the Super Bowl was played as scheduled. Despite the bad weather, the Steelers made the correct call in putting Barber in the game, giving them one of the most unforgettable wins in NFL history. The dominant team, featuring an all-star lineup, defeated the hated Saints in what would become one of the most popular Super Bowls ever.

Super Bowl XLV was a battle between two evenly matched teams. Green Bay and Atlanta were each loaded with great players and legends. The seasoned veterans on the Packers and the new guns for Atlanta fought toe to toe, all the while in the shadow of a large and powerful Hurricane. When it all came down to the wire, the Packers won, bringing home their fourth Super Bowl victory in franchise history. It was one of the greatest endings to a Super Bowl history.

Super Bowl XLV was even better because it featured the perfect storm of circumstances. After weeks of rumors, Brett Favre has finally named the starter, and he led his team to the biggest upset in NFL history. The historic win cemented Brett Favre as the greatest player of all time, and he is indeed a lock for the Hall of Fame.

In this article, we have looked at the five most important Super Bowl games of all time. What was the overall impact on the league? What were the factors that propelled one team to victory over the other? Where do we place the Super Bowl records now?